Torrwr plasma rhychwant c ~ c 3 ~ 7 metr, peiriant torri nwy cnc awtomatig

Torrwr plasma rhychwant c ~ c 3 ~ 7 metr, peiriant torri nwy cnc awtomatig

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Rhif Model:GSII-PS2520-PMAX-105APlasma Power:Hypertherm Powermax105 USA
Gantry Type:BwrddArdal Torri Effeithiol (Hyd):2700 X 20800mm
Traveling Speed:0-12000 Mm/minGeiriau allweddol:CNC Flame Cutting Machine

Cnc flame cutting machine buy used 2700mm x 20800mm with high quality

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CNC plazma/flame cutting machine
1. gas cutting
2. plazma cutting machine, can cut different profile shape

AG series CNC plazma/flame cutting machines are the newly perfect machine style designed by Jinfeng company with many years' experiences in designing cutting machines. They have the advantages of beautiful looking, small inertia, good rigidity and stable moving. They have the different track span from 3 to 7 meters. The CNC control system is at customer's choice. These series machines have the highest performance and lowest price, which are widely applied to the different industries. For cutting of mild steel in steel structure, engineering construction and ship building.

1. Rail span: 3 ~ 7 meters
2. Rail length: cutting effective length plus 2 meters
3. Torch: Max. 4 torches
4. CNC controller: Fagor, Hypertherm, Burny
5. Flame cutting thickness: 6-150mm

6. For gas cutting

Nodweddion Cynnyrch

1. Tailored track acquires high-intensity, high-speed and high-precision features.
2. Human computer interface design makes the machine easy to learn and operate, and have complete functions.
3. Equipped with functions of portable CNC cutting and can cut carbon steel, stainless steel and non-ferrous metal plate.
4. Enable the conversion of the CAD into the program file which can be transmitted to the main machine by USB to cut plate into any shape.
5. With two cutting modes: Flame Cutting & Plasma Cutting.
6. Chinese, English, French, and Portuguese are ready to use.
7. Can automatically memorize and restore when power is off.
8. Plasma THC ( torch height control) device function: By automatically adjust the height of the torches
according to the feedback of the plate height changes, THC can keep good effect of cutting meanwhile,protect the torch form damage and prolong life span of the nozzles.
9. With status indication device.
10. With positioning functions of protection cover, proximity switch and dual-speed.
11. Compatibility of the domestic plasma and foreign-brand plasma.


1. Make up of gas decompression valve and pressure gauge.Clear to check the whole machine pressure.

2. Adopt U71 heavy-duty rail by fine machining.

3. According to user’s requirement,assemble CNC flame single torch,power-spray scribe torch,stamping unit,plasma mechanical torch or linear

triple cutting torch,and also fit auto igniter and auto height controller.

4. To ensure the beam won’t deform,it is designed in welded square structure,tempered to eliminate mechanical stress,and then processed by precision machinery.It has high mechanical strength and good rigidity.High-precision and fine-grinded guide rail,gear wheel and gear rack in high steel quality are assembled on top of the beam.Therefore,the accuracy of latcral movement can be guaranteed.The transverse track is bolted on the beam for the convenience of replacement and adjustment.


1. Mwy na 12 mlynedd o brofiad i'r Hydraulic Press ac 16 mlynedd ar gyfer peiriannau metel dalen

2. Cyfanswm y Gweithiwr: 455

3. Llawr: 56,765m ^ 2

4. Ardal ffatri newydd: 61,321m ^ 2

5. Rheolir ffatri gyfan gan Gynllun Adnoddau ERP-Enterprise

Rydym yn cynhyrchu islaw ystod o beiriannau:

1. Brêc Gwasg CNC

2. Torrwr Laser CNC (Cyfnod Dilysu)

3. CNC Punch Press (Cyfnod dilysu)

4. Cneifio CNC

5. Gwasg Hydrolig

6. Pibell a Rholer Bender

7. Gweithiwr Haearn

8. Llinell Cynhyrchu Awtomatig

Machine instruction

Portable numerical control flame/plasma cutting machines can be programmed to cut any plane shape parts composed of beeline and arc ,which are same as large gantry cutting machines . It is equipped with a 5.7 inch LED with dynamic and static graphical display .It is directly perceived and very easy to learn .It can be programmed to cutting parts directly , and also can be operated in computer translating instructions into a program file by CAD program , and then deducing it via U hardware .The standard positioning of this machine is flame cutting ,external hanging plasma cutter is also workable .

Manylebau technegol

MathACCURL PS - 2520
Enw CynnyrchCNC Flame Cutting Machine
Tabl Torri 2700 x 20800 mm
Lled Peiriant4750 min-1
Peiriant Lenght22200 mm
Uchder Peiriant2200 mm
Uchder y Tabl750 mm
Lled y Tabl2700 mm
Tabl Lenght19200 mm
X Strôc Echel3300 mm
Strôc yr Echel20200 mm
Pwysau18000 kg
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