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peiriant torri plasma bwrdd


1.Rack use all-welded structure,strong reasonable,simple operation,and durable.

2.High cutting speed and precision.Small cutting mouth,prderliness and no slag off phenomengn,traditional CNC control system,improve the cutting control method and avoid the second nap processing.

3.Suitable stainless steel plate,copper plate,iron plate,aluminum plate,galvanized plate,titanium plate etc.

4.High CNC system cinfiguration,automatic arc strike,stable performance,the success rate of arc strike can achieve 90% avove.

5.Support WEHNTAI,Northing Haier,ARTCAM Type3 software creating the standard G code paths files.The control system adopts U disk exchange processing documents,convenient operation.

Gwybodaeth Sylfaenol

Working Thickness: According to Plasma Power
Cutting Speed: 0-8000mm/Min
Input Voltage: 380V50Hz3p
Plasma Power: 60A, 100A
Ffordd Gysylltu: Rhyngwyneb USB
Working Mode: Untouched Arc Striking
Optional Plasma Power Source: Hypertherm, Thermadyne
Transport Package: Standard Export Package Which Can Protect Machine
Specification: CE, SGS, TUV
Origin:  China
Cod HS: 84561000

Ein gwasanaethau:

1.One year quality guaranty,the machine with main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge when problems happened during the warranty period.

Cynnal a chadw 2.Lifetime yn rhad ac am ddim.

Cwrs hyfforddi rhad ac am ddim yn ein ffatri.

4.Byddwn yn darparu'r rhannau traul am bris asiantaeth pan fydd angen amnewidiad arnoch.

5.12 hours online service each day,free technical support.

6. Machine has been adjusted before delivery,operation disk was included.