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CNC tube cutter machine Fiber Laser 500w Factory Manufacture


Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Advantages

1) Can cut lines and holes with different diameters from different directions on the pipe, and meet centrifugal and non-centrifugal vertical intersection condition for branch and main pipe axis.

2) Can cut column Crossed Lines at the end of branch pipe, and meet centrifugal and non-centrifugal vertical intersection condition for branch and main pipe axis.

3) Can cut inclined section at the end section of the pipe.

4) Can cut branch pipe intersected with the main circular pipe.

5) Can cut variable angle bevel surface

6) Can cut square hole, waist-shaped holes and circular hole on the pipe.

7) Can truncate the pipe.

8) Can cut all kinds of graphics on the surface of the square pipe.


Why use Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Machine ?


(1) Fiber laser cutting machine for metal precise cutting powered by fiber laser technology. The quality fiber laser beam results in faster cutting speeds and higher quality cuts compared to other cutting solutions. The key advantage of a fiber laser is its short beam wavelength (1,064nm). The wavelength, which is ten times lower than that of C02 laser, generates high absorption into metals. This makes the fiber laser become a perfect tool for cutting metal sheets of stainless steel, carbon steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, etc.

(2) Mae effeithlonrwydd laser ffibr yn llawer mwy na laser YAG neu CO2 traddodiadol. Mae'r pelydr laser ffibr yn gallu torri metelau adlewyrchol gyda llawer llai o egni wrth i'r laser gael ei amsugno i'r metel sy'n cael ei dorri. Ni fydd yr uned yn defnyddio fawr ddim egni pan na fydd yn actif.

(3) Mantais arall laser ffibr yw defnyddio deuodau allyrrydd sengl dibynadwy iawn gydag oes amcanol o fwy na 100,000 awr o weithrediad parhaus neu guriad y galon.

(4) Laser software allows for the capability to control power, modulation rate, pulse width and pulse shape giving the user full control of the lasers capabilities.

Technical parameter of Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

Model    DEK1530F     DEK1530H     DEK2040      DEK2060
           Pwer Laser IPG        500W/1000W/2000W/3000W
Rofin     1500w/2000w/3000w
Raycus  500w/750w/1200w
   Machine Transmission
*Beckhoff/Japan strong power YASKAWA full closed loop every 0.1mm step under control

*TBI high accuracy ball screw-0.01mm accuracy in moving process--mini circle cutting best

Optics System * LASER MECH/ German PRECITEC   -0.01second adjust time--0.01mm different point will ask head to adjust to best point cutting
*Dynamic focus - even min wave keep same top level cutting result
*Nozzle diameter from 1.5mm-2.5mm for different kerf cutting inquiry
Torri trwch Carbon steel      0.1-20mm

Stainless Steel    0.1-12mm

AL                    0.1-12mm

Controlling SoftwareBeckhoff / CypCut
       Software Support *AutoCad file import directly without size change and modify
*Machine software to make material in max cutting use
*Optimal Track Intelligent  Adjusting
shortest path least time save gas cost and cutting time
Assistant Gas * Air,nitrogen,oxygen freely change system
* Less gas cost control under different cutting thickness
Cyflymder torri0-60m/min
Cywirdeb Swydd0.03mm
Water Cooling SystemDual temperature dual control water chiller with purification system
Modd GyrruDouble ball screw driving / Double gear rack driving
Strwythur y Tabl GweithioFixed Working Table / Pallet Changer

Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Speed

Deunydd m/min
carbon steel 1mm 8
carbon steel 2mm 4.2
carbon steel 3mm 2.1
carbon steel 4mm 1.2
stainless steel 1mm 7.2
stainless steel 1.5mm 3
stainless steel 2mm 1.8
galvanized sheet0.8mm 5
galvanized sheet1.2mm 2.6
galvanized sheet1.5mm 1.8

Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Machine Cost

Electricity cost 1-3KW
Laser gas Not
Assisted gas Oxygen/Nitrogen/compressed air
The parameters showed are based on the client actual working situation,only for reference!
The assisted gas will be used according to the different materials (such as stainless steel and carbon steel).

Application Industry of Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

It is applicable to sheet metals, elevator,kitchenware,elevator,fitness equipment,agricultural and forest machinery,food machinery,hardware, advertising, decoration, gifts, lighting lamps, medical instruments etc.


Application Materials of Metal Tube Fiber Laser Cutter Machine

Yn bennaf ar gyfer torri dur carbon, dur silicon, dur gwrthstaen, aloi alwminiwm, aloi titaniwm, dalen ddur galfanedig, bwrdd piclo, plât sinc alwminiwm, copr a sawl math o ddeunyddiau metel yn torri ac ati.

We have the spirit of " high quality and low price, sincere service, create value for customers"business philosophy.

Jinan Dekcel CNC Sincerely Service For You.
Quality control:
Before the order can be confirmed finally, we would strictly check the material, dimension of the sample step by step.
Our salesman, also as a order follower,would trace every phase of production from the beginning.
We have a QC team, every product would be checked by them before packed.
We would try our best to help clients solve problems.


Cwestiynau Cyffredin

Cwestiwn 1: Rwyf am brynu'r peiriant hwn, pa awgrym allwch chi ei roi?
Ateb: Dywedwch wrthyf: pa ddeunydd ydych chi'n ei brosesu? Beth yw maint eich deunydd? (Gwell dangos eich llun cynnyrch i mi)

Question 2: What's the delivery cost & time?
Ateb: Dywedwch wrthyf eich enw porthladd môr, gwiriaf y gost cludo. Ar ôl cynhyrchu, byddwn yn cyflwyno ASAP.

Question 3: Have you exported to our country?
Answer: We have been in this field for 11 years,we have CE,CO,ISO,FDA certificates,have exported to Europe,South America,Arab,Asia,Russia,Spain,Australia and many more countries.

Question 4: This is the first time I use this kind of machine, is it easy to operate?
1) User manual, CD with video will along with machine for training you how to install, how to use, and how to maintains,
2) Moreover, Skype, Team viewer online service is available for you,
3) Free training will offer you on our factory, Engineer is available to offer international service!
4) Local agent service available is extending all over the world!

Os oes unrhyw gwestiwn o hyd, cysylltwch â ni trwy wasanaeth ar-lein e-bost / skype / ffôn / trademanager ar unrhyw adeg.

Question 5: If machine have any problem after I receive it, how can I do ?
Free parts send to you in machine warranty period if machine have any problem.
If the parts less than 0.5KG, we pay the postage.
If it exceeds 0.5KG, you need to pay the postage.

Question6: How can I become a Agent ?
Agent all over the world is wanted, welcome to visit our factory to know more of each other for start our long term cooperation!


Our Package Advantage:

1.Our wooden case is after fumigation treatment.Needn't timber inspection,saving shipping time.
2. Roedd rhai deunyddiau meddal wedi'u gorchuddio â darnau sbâr y peiriant, gan ddefnyddio gwlân perlog yn bennaf.
Avoiding all damages that could happen in the delivery process.Then we'll covered plastic wrap out it tightly,make sure intact of the covered soft materials,also avoiding Waterproof and rust proof.
3. Mae'r mwyaf yn achos pren gyda gwaith ffurf sefydlog.
4. Mae gan waelod yr achos pren jac haearn cadarn, sy'n gyfleus i'w drin a'i gludo.


Warranty and after-sale service:

1.12 months guarantee for whole machine free of charge

2.7*24 hours technical support by e-mail

3.Calling or door-to-door service,professional training to your workers

4.Use friendly English software, user manual and detailed Videos/CD

5.Priority to become our agent in your city,we offer you our factory price